Shattered Secrets

The Hudson Island Series: Book 4
Available: July 17, 2024

She’s a young single mom hiding a dark past. He’s a jaded former detective who’s lost all faith in love. When a dangerous encounter forces them to live together, their mutual attraction erupts into flames. But as her secrets come to light, an unexpected threat emerges…

Scarlet Miller has flown under the radar on peaceful Hudson Island for the past year and a half, working hard to build a safe and quiet life for her four-year-old daughter. During that time, she formed unexpected friendships—and a crush on the handsome friend-of-a-friend who’s the epitome of tall, dark, and growly hotness. However, since he’s much older and way out of her league, she knows nothing will come of it. Besides, with her chaotic history, romantic relationships are off the table.

Matt Alvarez has come a long way since arriving on Hudson Island angry, bitter, and reclusive. With time, therapy, and the help of his friends, he’s recovered from a career-threatening injury and joined Hudson Security. He’s eager to make a positive difference through his work, and while he’s not the most social guy, he’s looking forward to building relationships in his newfound community. Well, except for Scarlet. Something about the beautiful waitress with the rainbow-streaked hair ties his tongue in knots. But no matter how alluring he finds her, she’s way too young for him. Which is fine, because after a dramatic divorce, the last thing he wants is any sort of commitment.

When dire circumstances push them together, their protective walls crumble, revealing an undeniable connection. But as their relationship blossoms, Scarlet’s buried secrets claw to the surface, bringing unforeseen perils with them. Can Matt protect Scarlet from the shadows of her past? Or will her skeletons destroy their future?

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Release Date: July 17, 2024

Genre: adult contemporary romance with suspense; standalone (in an interconnected series) with no cliffhangers
Tropes: small-town, romantic suspense, age gap, single mom, protector hero, forced proximity, tragic past, he falls first & no third act breakup
Content Warnings: explicit language, graphic sex, guns, references to sexual assault, physical abuse & violence