The Spotted Dog Series: Book 1

Stripper-turned-bartender meets Golden Boy. The only thing they have in common is their belief in no commitments. When a threat from her past reappears, their no-strings affair takes a turn into uncharted territory…

For Blake Sullivan, money and success have always come easy. After earning millions in his early 20s, he now co-owns and operates a The Spotted Dog, a Seattle Irish pub, with his two best friends. After learning early on that most women were only after his money, Blake’s more than comfortable with his bachelor status and no-strings rule when it comes to the women he sees.

The Spotted Dog

Raven Magenta Wagner is used to fighting. Being raised in between the foster care system and the streets, Raven has worked hard to go from stripper to one of the top bartenders in Seattle. When she’s hired on at The Spotted Dog, she’s thrilled to have a job that doesn’t require her to take her clothes off.

The friction between Blake and Raven is immediate. And so is heir chemistry. Unable to leave each other alone, they agree to a casual affair. But when a threat from Raven’s past resurfaces, their relationship pivots toward the unknown. Can they learn to trust each other before it’s too late? Can their relationship survive the secrets of Raven’s past?

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Release Date: June 14, 2022

Genre: adult contemporary romance with suspense; standalone (in interconnected series) with no cliffhangers
fling-to-forever, insta-lust, workplace romance, opposites attract, boss-employee, tragic past, heroine in danger
Content Warnings:
explicit language, graphic sex, physical abuse/violence, sexual abuse/rape, drug use