The Spotted Dog Series: Book 3

For two Type A workaholics, navigating a three-month fake relationship should be no problem. But as they blur the line between pretend and real, deadly violence erupts around them. Someone is out to destroy them…

As co-owner of The Spotted Dog, Jake Alvarez is an admitted workaholic. Along with his duties at the Seattle Irish pub, he runs Alvarez Technologies, a wildly successful mobile gaming company. With the ghosts of his past lingering, his hectic schedule is the perfect excuse to keep romantic relationships at the very bottom of his priority list.

The Spotted Dog

After a three-year absence, Carmen Cunningham has returned to Seattle to lead her family’s nonprofit organization. With her polished façade in place, she’s determined to focus on work, and not the matchmaking busy bodies constantly reminding her of her age. And her three failed marriages.

A fake relationship between the two friends is the perfect solution. Until their playful flirting becomes more. As the secrets they’ve been hiding begin to surface, someone is watching. Someone intent on destroying them…

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Release Date: January 31, 2023

Genre: contemporary romance with suspense; standalone (in interconnected series) with no cliffhangers
Tropes: fake relationship, friends-to-lovers, sibling’s best friend, tragic past, heroine in danger, older heroine, multicultural
Content Warnings: explicit language, graphic sex, guns, physical violence & abuse